Tap House is an intimate, elegant space for artists to create, collaborate, and increase their productivity. Our "HouseMates" are photographers, actors, dancers, writers, publicists, and health and wellness practitioners. A crew of great people creating great things!



Equipment & Amenities

We have everything to make you feel AT HOME. Fully equipped kitchen. Wifi. Two work stations, one make up station (makeup artists on call), complimentary refreshments, and a HUGE Bonus for photographers! Contact us for a detailed list.

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Got Events?

We do! Play readings, Acting and On-Camera workshops, private and semi-private tap dance lessons, yoga and wellness classes are ongoing at Tap House. Join our community to gain access to these events and to learn more about hosting your own shindig. 



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Interested in attending Tap House events or renting our space? Awesome! Send us a message and we will get back to you ASAP!

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